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nhlegalforms.com visits Brentwood, New Hampshire!

May 31, 2020 2 min read

Next up on our tour of New Hampshire towns and cities is Brentwood, New Hampshire. When you think of Brentwood, you probably picture a sleepy residential community for people who work in seacoast New Hampshire and Massachusetts. And you'd be right!

nhlegalforms.com next to Brentwood New Hampshire town office sign

For New Hampshire lawyers, though, it's also a hotbed of legal activity because the Rockingham County Courthouse is located here. The Courthouse is where the Rockingham Superior Court, 10th Circuit Family Division and 10th Circuit Probate Division are located. I've litigated a fair amount of probate, divorce, parenting and small business cases here throughout my legal career.

Fun Fact: I was representing a plaintiff at a jury trial in the superior court at this courthouse. It was time for my closing argument and I confidently approached the jury. I forcefully told the jury that my client's leg was STILL badly injured even though the slip and fall accident had happened over TWO YEARS AGO! 

A commotion erupted behind me. The jury members began to laugh. I darted around.  My client smiled proudly and pointed to his leg, THAT HE HAD LIFTED ONTO THE PLAINTIFF'S TABLE!!! Postscript: we lost. 

nhlegalforms.com next to rockingham county courthouse sign

Rockingham Superior Court 

The Rockingham Superior Court is located inside the courthouse. The Rockingham Superior Court serves small businesses and other individuals in Rockingham County. The superior court generally considers more serious civil cases, like breach of contract cases, business dissolution disputes, and partnership deadlocks. 

10th Circuit Family Division - Brentwood

The 10th Circuit Family Division is also located inside the courthouse. The 10th Circuit Family Division serves families in Atkinson, Brentwood, Danville, East Kingston, Epping, Exeter, Fremont, Hampstead, Kensington, Kingston, Newton, Plaistow, Newfields, Newmarket and Stratham.

This is where cases involving parenting plans, divorces, parenting modification actions, prenuptial agreements, child support, grandparent's rights and domestic violence cases are heard. Cases are also mediated here involving parenting plans and final divorce decrees, among other things. This is a very busy court! 

10th Circuit Probate Division - Brentwood 

The 10th Circuit Probate Division is similarly located inside the Rockingham County Courthouse. This is where disputes involving advance health care directives, durable powers of attorney for health care, living wills, wills and trusts are heard in Rockingham County. Many of these cases involve one person's attempt to remove an agent, executor or trustee. 

Rockingham County Nursing Home

nhlegalforms.com at Rockingham County Nursing Home  

Next stop is the Rockingham County Nursing Home. The Rockingham County Nursing Home is one of the larger nursing homes in New Hampshire. It has a good reputation and is located at the county complex on North Road. 

Bonus Content

No trip to Brentwood is complete without a stop at Goody Coles for a delicious barbecue meal, followed by ice cream at The Baker and the Ice Cream Maker. The guy I'm with in the photo below probably should be better about portion size (note: I'm the guy in the grey shirt).  

nhlegalforms.com in front of bumble at The Baker and Ice Cream Maker in Brentwood, New Hampshire

I hope you enjoyed our trip to Brentwood, New Hampshire. Drop me a line and we'll visit your community!