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NH Parenting Plan Form - Updated 2020

Click here to download a Parenting Plan that complies with New Hampshire law.

A Parenting Plan is required in all divorce and parenting cases in New Hampshire. It must contain detailed provisions regarding decision-making, the children’s time with each parent, legal residence for school attendance, relocation and many other issues.

Our NH Parenting Plan:

  ✔ Includes instructions, helpful commentary, and examples.

  ✔ Contains provisions not included in the form offered by the State of New                  Hampshire, including safeguards for substance abuse, religious                              preference and smartphone/social media access.  

  ✔ Is specifically designed to be filled out on a laptop, tablet or smart phone. 

  ✔ Can be used in conjunction with Consulting Time if you need help from an                experienced New Hampshire divorce/parenting attorney.  

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